3 Biggest Mistakes Small Businesses Make On Instagram

Small businesses often come up short when trying to navigate the social media landscape. Here’s a list of some of the biggest mistakes they make on Instagram as well as a few tips on you can avoid them.

Buying Fake Likes or Followers

This is considered to be one of the cardinal sins of Instagram marketing. Not only is it ineffective (fake likes and followers have no value at all), it makes your brand look fraudulent and untrustworthy. Most Instagram users are savvy enough to see whether an account has bought fake followers by a quick look at the follower count compared to the engagement on the account. It makes a lot more sense to grow organically, using sound social media marketing practices to connect with your audience. A competition in partnership with a few relevant influencers will cost close to the same or less than buying fake likes and followers and it is a lot more effective in the long run.

Posting Poor Quality Images

Most small business owners do not realise that a poorly thought-out visual strategy implies that they do not take their business seriously. Many times, your Instagram profile is the first impression a potential client has of your brand – it is crucial that you do everything you can to ensure that it is a positive one.

Blurry, poorly composed images or images that have little to do with your brand at all are unprofessional and discredit your brand. Consider the content, composition, clarity, background and perspective when shooting your own content for Instagram.

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Not Engaging With Your Audience

When it comes to posting on Instagram, many small businesses mistakenly adopt a “set it and forget it” attitude. Instagram audiences are anything but passive and engagement with them is key when striving for a successful social media marketing campaign.

When posting, remember to caption with engaging copy instead of just trying to sell something constantly. Then, make sure you check in regularly to reply to comments, mentions and any new follows. It would also be wise to follow some followers who regularly engage with your brand and head over to their account and “like” and comment on a few of their relevant posts. Another great way to encourage engagement with your audience is by starting a brand hashtag.


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