3 Visual Trends for 2019

Staying up to date with the latest trends in visual communication will help your marketing designs stay relevant and achieve maximum impact. These trends are strongly inspired by the social and economic themes we’ve seen in 2018, i.e. a larger appreciation for the natural environment, holistic wellness and ethical consciousness.

Here are the top three visual trends for 2019:

1. Bright Colours & Real Creatives

An overwhelming trend that has grown stronger over the last year is the desire for imagery that shows real creatives in an authentic way. Inclusive images with interesting subjects and bright colours are becoming more popular.


2. A Matter Of Ethics

More and more brands are looking to connect with their audience through the tactful use of the visual language of protest. Brands are now seeing it as a responsibility to stand up for certain movements that resonate with their values and the values of their market. Images highlighting environmental concerns and taking a stand against social issues such as racism and gender inequality are expected to be particularly well-received.

3. Taking Stock Of Nature

With concerns of global warming and the all-consuming technology we have in our daily lives, it seems there is a shift towards images that illustrate the grandeur of nature and our place in it.

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