PICHA’s Top 5 Image Submissions For January 2019

2019 kicked off with a bang as PICHA contributors really brought their A-game! Here are our top five picks submitted during January:

Untitled design

Prepping for DinnerContributor: Stephanie du Plessis

This image by Stephanie Du Plessis is made up of universal ingredients and natural light showcases the art of simplicity in stock photography. This image would be an obvious choice for a culinary/cooking publication.

Keywords include: Preparing, Dinner, raw ingredients, food, chopped, tomatoes, onions, etc

Blog image

Woman enjoying the outdoorsContributor: Mohamed Photography

One of the visual trends moving into 2019 is humans interacting with nature. This image resonates our desire to take a break from our devices and enjoy our natural environment. It would be perfect for use in social media posts as well health and lifestyle publications.

Keywords include: nature, leisure, lifestyle, outdoors, serene, relaxation, etc

Blog image (2)

Piggy BankContributor: cflgroupphotography

Coming out of the festive period everyone is refocused on saving money and planning towards a goal. This image is part of the Piggy Bank Series by cflphotographygroup and would be great for using as a visual in blogs, articles, and publications around advice, planning, and finance.

Keywords include: banking, saving, investment, piggybank, finance, planning, wealth, etc

Blog image (1)

Planning a tripContributor: Josiane Faubert

Flat lays are awesome, period. It’s a fun and direct way of using photography to tell stories that viewers can instantly relate to and understand. This flat lay would be great for a travel blog, social media post or in a travel/lifestyle publication. The emphasis placed on Africa using the heart also makes it very relevant to our market.

Keywords include: destination, travel, planning, flat lay, map, excursion, passports, etc

blog image sq

Creative Portrait with BougainvilleaContributor: Jordan Onesmo

As Part of the “Creative Portrait with Bougainvillea” series captured by Jordan Onesmo, this calm and tranquil image encapsulates the humans in nature trend. This series of portraiture is rich in colour and maintains a shallow depth allowing the subject stand out, surrounded by colourful bougainvillea. It would be perfect for use in wellness, mental health and lifestyle publications.

Keywords include: nature, tranquility, lifestyle, outdoors, serene, relaxation, portrait, bougainvillea, health, woman, thinking etc


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